Bill Alexander is the founder of EigenTherm Solar. Having held executive and engineering roles in both high tech and emerging clean energy spaces for the last 40 years, Bill’s interests center on inventing and developing valuable new technologies and holds over 90 patents in diverse fields.  Mr. Alexander’s previous work involved novel solar energy collectors, induction motor drives, missile defense work, semi-active laser seekers, power electronics, and power semiconductors.  Mr. Alexander is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, with BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

Nathan Hightower – Investor and Board Advisor with a strong background in CSP –

Nathan currently acts as the CEO of Powerstation 274. He is also President of Mega Point Energy and Hightower Industrial Management, two start-up companies he has founded. Nathan is a senior professional executive proven in Entrepreneurial Start-Ups, Business Process Improvement, Global Quality Systems, and Engineering with Multi-Site Manufacturing, Production, and Operations experience in Energy Storage, Solar Power, and Bio-Fuel in Fortune 100 Companies. Nathan is a veteran in Venture Capital Business Expansions, Company Turnarounds, and Corporate Strategies and Investments. Nathan is known for quadrupling company incomes from $15MM to $285MM. Further, in 2008, under California jurisdictional control, Nathan obtained State of California approval and permitting of the first Solar Boiler (Solar Steam Generator) in the United States while working withAreva Solar (formerly Ausra), an earlier well-financed CSP startup. Nathan currently has a patent pending for the Autonomous Vehicle industry servicing the MaaS and EaaS markets. Nathan holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University.

Why he joined EigenTherm Solar – “CSP has a huge advantage over PV with low cost molten salt thermal storage for high capacity factor, but the high cost of conventional CSP collectors has largely negated that advantage. It appears that the FlexForm Collector will drastically lower the cost of the collector portion of CSP, making CSP superior not only to PV, but even to fossil fuels, including combined cycle natural gas in the US.”

CAEaid – mechanical and optical computer simulations

Creative Edge – prototype design, construction, and test

Carroll Counsel  – legal services

TechnoPatents – Intellectual Property