EigenTherm Solar’s mission is to develop and bring to market the FlexForm Solar Thermal Collector technology.  The FlexForm Collector is a revolutionary, very low cost and high performance concentrating solar thermal collector for the economical production of utility scale solar electric power 24/7 when coupled with proven thermal storage and power block technologies.

EigenTherm Solar’s first goal is to provide 24/7 electric power at costs significantly lower than the cheapest fossil fuels, including combined cycle natural gas in the US.   The long term goal is to displace most fossil fuels worldwide with a combination of direct-from-the-plant power and power to sun-poor regions from liquefied hydrogen transported globally from EigenTherm Solar plants located in sun-rich regions.    These goals require sub $20/MW-hr power around-the-clock which the FlexForm collector coupled with low cost thermal storage will achieve.